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Hiring a competent tenant representative can help you out and eventually save you money!



   The biggest benefit of having an independent commercial tenant advisor is to have a professional to act in your best interests and gain the highest savings for your business.  Independent commercial tenant advisor is tenant's agent, one of the duties is to protect the tenant's best interest.

   Listing brokers work for the landlords, their duty is to get the highest price and the best terms for the landlords, not the tenants.  Independent commercial tenant advisors will never represent landlord and tenant at the same time, thus there will be no conflict of interest.

   Commercial leasing process is a complicated task and not all brokers are trained to deal with commercial leasing.  Independent commercial tenant advisors are trained to spot provisions in a lease that may cost the unsuspecting tenants extra money in addition to the rent agreed.

   An independent commercial tenant advisor is your guide through the complex process.  They have the market knowledge and are well informed in rental rates and other issues.

   Rental payment is one of the largest expenses in a corporation.  Professional negotiation skills are critical for a favourable outcome. Only trained tenant representatives can do a competent job for you.  CICTA members are all well trained and competent independent commercial tenant advisors.

   Independent commercial tenant advisors can perform financial analysis to help you select the most cost effective option by knowing the net present value of all rents payable during your lease term.


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