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CICTA, Certified Independent Commercial Tenant Advisor, is an international organization that links commercial real estate brokerage and consulting firms together to serve tenants and buyers worldwide.  With the root in North America, we are independent commercial tenant advisors that committed to act as tenant representatives, buyer representatives, tenant advisors and buyer advisors.  As consultants for tenants and buyers, we provide independent advice to tenants and buyers to assure that they receive the necessary information and assistance from competent representatives to negotiate effectively with landlords, developers, sellers and listing brokers.

Since its founding in 2005, CICTA has been a professional platform for commercial real estate brokers to enhance their services to commercial tenants.  CICTA attests to the experience, professionalism and integrity of every certified member.  We maintain tough standards for independent brokers who are committed to serve tenants and buyers professionally without conflict of interest.   Our membership is by invitation only and is limited to licensed real estate professionals with proven experience and expertise who are specialized in tenant or buyer representation. Only a handful member of professionals will be invited and certified as our Certified Independent Commercial Tenant Advisor per designated market area.

CICTA offers a platform to its members the opportunity for national and international referrals as tenant representatives or buyer advisors without paying any referral fee to CICTA.  The objective of CICTA is to provide a referral network for its member so that their clients can enjoy professional tenant and buyer representation services all over the world with confidence as all members of CICTA share the highest standard of professionalism that every independent commercial tenant representative and buyer advisor should have.

If you are a commercial real estate broker or a commercial real estate consultant and are specialized in exclusive tenant representation; or has a special interest in tenant or buyer representation; or are an employee working for an acquisition company, please contact our regional office in your area from the Contact Us link on the right hand panel or press here for more information on how CICTA can be a partner of your successful career.



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